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Web Site > Summer 2007: Site Redesigned & Renewed
Summer 2007: Site Redesigned & Renewed

This must be the 8th time I am trying to design anything for my personal site. It is the second time I did not choose to start from scratch and make something completely of my own, but to base my work on something ready and available to the the public under the appropriate licence. This theme that is used in this latest design concept is called "blade" and comes from BCOOL designs, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 2.1 Japan Licence. This means that the works can be shared, reproduced, but always for non-commercial purposes and with the obligation of each end-user to attribute somehow to the original authors, by providing static or dynamic links tho their web pages. Being personally a supporter of the "some rights reserved" model that the CC licensing is forwarding, there was no hesitation when bumped onto this exceptional design (in its initial form) to adopt it and customize it to the needs of this web site.

The more blog-like interface and the professional graphics by BCOOL creators definitely give a new and more elegant character to the site. But it was not only the design that was changed. After almost one year of good old Dianna's Ross lyrics from the song "If We Hold on Together" on the site's banner, the slogan of the site changed into "a personal repository". This is because the term "repository" describes in the best way what this page is all about : a place to digitally store ideas, opinions and various information.

Next issue that troubled was the "logo" of the site, although the design allowed a more "neutral" approach with no logo at all, I preferred to discard my good old knight, the avatar that accompanied me so many years in every forum I was a member, but keep the griffin from his shield, the addition to the latest logo of the site. This specific image comes from the well known and favorite game "Heroes of Might and Magic", one of the epic RPG computer games I used to playing when I was at high school. But what is this griffin? A griffin is defined as "legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle". This creature connects my favorite periods of history... Ancient Greece, from Minoan Crete to Archaic continental civilizations and finally the European medieval ages. Griffins have been an emblem of heraldry through medieval ages and they are mostly met in numerous crests around central Europe and Britain. Apart from a great epic figure, emblem of power, bravery and noblety, it has a wonderful history as well! The Wikipedia's entry will definitely provide more information to anyone interested...

The concept of the griffin and a scene of nature to its right gave me the idea to create seasonal themes from my own collection of pictures and change the logo according to the season, or any other important event that would be considered appropriate to make a nice logo. In this way the image would periodically switch and make the site more pleasant for it visitors. One possible plan is a random per refresh logo, using an appropriate script.

This was the "changelog" for this latest design of "". I also felt I should at last explain why I like these griffins so much...

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It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right.
Chania, near Souda port (2015/10/20)
Chania, near Souda port
Between Zante and Kyllini (2015/10/20)
Between Zante and Kyllini
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia