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News related to my School, Athens College, and its Alumni Association
Athens College : ACAA Elections '15
on 20.10.15 (395 reads)
Athens College

Athens College : ACAA Elections '13
on 16.10.13 (665 reads)
Athens College

Athens College : ACAA Elections '09
on 01.10.09 (1602 reads)
Athens College

Well, it is time for elections! Never hid my enthusiasm about my school and its educational model; maybe it is not something out of reality for US or Canada, or even UK, but comparing to the Greek standards what the Hellenic American Educational Foundation has achieved is fantastic. Having a very strong and active alumni association, I could not resist to join their team and start helping with the athletics team. After some years of inactivity I was granted the right to run the administrative part of the Athletics team (where I belonged as a student), something that really gave a high motive to me to continue being active in the ACAA, known as "SAKA" in Greek. Now it's elections time and it was proposed to me to stand as candidate for the administrative board of the association; and so I accepted! Another interesting challenge there, but still, no matter the result, there is so much to do with the athletics team...

PS: An Alumni Track&Field event is coming soon in November! Still racing there...

Athens College : Alumni Sport Events 2006
on 03.09.06 (658 reads)
Athens College

During the second weekend of November (11-12), another great sport event will take place in Athens College, the Alumni Sport Meeting 2006. Well known as "Kollegiada", this weekend will be a great chance for all alumni, parents and teachers of Athens College to compete and have fun. Football, basketball, volleyball and of course athletics will form the structure of this meeting. Each category of athletes will have its own team and they will compete for the title of the best team in Athens College. In athletics of course, the categories are formed according to the age of the athletes. Hopefully I will be able to take part again and try maintain me winning spree in 100 and 400 meters, freshmen category.

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Chania, near Souda port (2015/10/20)
Chania, near Souda port
Between Zante and Kyllini (2015/10/20)
Between Zante and Kyllini
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia