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My Notepad : Merry Christmas, Many Essays...
on 11.12.06 (639 reads)

First snowflakes in Edinburgh city today, Princes Street Gardens are celebrating in white and yellow sparkling lights, the austrian Xmas market is offering hot wine and traditional sausages, people are bursting into stores, looking greedily at the seasonal offers, it is true that the spirit of joy is here... Merry Christmas everyone! Many essays G! Once more, well done! Perry Como on the speakers (of which I am very proud), Lessig, Lloyd and other various "artists" of legal IT & IP theory in front of me... Pas mal, pas mal...

Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening?
In the lane
Snow is glistening
A beautiful sight
We're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

Gone away is the bluebird
Here to stay is a new bird
He sings a love song
As we go along
Walking in a winter wonderland...


My Notepad : LLM's Mathematics
on 13.11.06 (684 reads)
My Notepad

Panathinaikos + Mom's Schnitzel + Microwave Chips + Toasts + Cola + Arleta + Housekeeping + Training + Studying(?) = LLM

Well, more than two months here, in Edinburgh, and today I experienced the classical Edinburgh's weather... Cold, windy, rainy, in other words: Don't go out! Two months and sure the most enjoyable thing is leaving alone. Although things get weird if you are not a magician, I can say that I feel fine... So, since am not a magician, clothes won't be washed, dished wont either, the flat has no "self cleaning" button... All these create a "wonderful" atmosphere, combined with absolute freedom and this damned laptop, I think I am having a pretty good time at home... Usual scenario from Edinburgh: Greek music from 60's playing in low volume, Arleta is becoming famous in this flat, the food in the microwave warming up, internet TV on, cola on the table, everything ready... Thank God Panathinaikos (my favorite team) is doing well and I have no complains. So till now, definitely, if there is one thing to enjoy and never forget is this shock of living alone... Only "restriction" the phone and the "reporting" back home... Wish I didn't have these essays... Anyway, everything is taking its turn...

My Notepad : LLM Website Project
on 07.11.06 (688 reads)
My Notepad

After some discussions with friends from the LLM programme, we decided to build a portal for our little group and keep interactively in touch. The site was registered yetserday, on a free sub-domain name and hosting plan. Same story again, XOOPSing and creating a remarkable community with news publishing system, article system, calendar, fora, members listing, etc. within 24 hours. One day I will open a paypal account and donate to these guys of the XOOPS Fundation! Anyway, the url of the website is "" and pity I cannot reveal anything more, otherwise it has no meaning creating a restricted registration based site. The site is in RC status, and within the next days the first public real time test is going to take place. Maybe I will post some screenshots of the full site later, but still the basic design will be available for unregistered users, when the site comes out of testing proceedures. So lots of time and posting is going to be dedicated there, I hope... Bye now!

General News : Internet Governance Forum
on 30.10.06 (732 reads)
General News

At a central hotel near Athens (30 October - 2 November), a very important meeting for the future of Internet's regulation is going to take place. I am referring to the "Internet Governance Forum", a conference organized by the Ministry of Transportations and Telecommunications of Greece, on behalf of United Nations. This is the 1st forum that takes place on such a large scale and it is the result of the very successful World Summit on the Information Society that took place in Geneva (2003) and in Tunisia, last year. The IGF is going to be a critical point in Internet's history, as hundreds of issues that have political, social, economical and of course legal dimensions will be discussed. I am so sad that I won't have the chance to attend it, but I am so happy that have oriented my studies at these fields of high importance and value for our future society. For any further information, visit the official IGF website, or the global IGF website. If you can't find the program of the conference, use this direct link.
You can also watch in real time the IGF using the relavant links. The quality is excellent, any connection faster than 512K should be fine for buffering and streaming the content.

Web Site : External feeds plugin
on 24.10.06 (751 reads)
Web Site

A feature which I wanted long time ago to implement to the web site is the RSS/ATOM feeds listing. This little plugin/module fetches feeds from the indicated sites and displays them all together, or categorized, by web site. I also added a block in the front page, so the most recent ones would be displayed there to, as short headlines. This feature is really useful and makes the web site more interesting and personalized, according to the selected feeds of course. This is another way of external linking, but the main purpose is not to recommend the web site, but to display the information provided. Of course all the feeds are licensed and can be used freely in any website or software that supports this feature. For the present I have selected to add the BBC news front page and the feeds from the University's LLM courses and program. Of course I intend to add more feeds that i find interesting or remarkable.

Technology : Internet Explorer 7
on 21.10.06 (681 reads)

After 4 years or so, Microsoft has released the new version of the windows' browsing software, well known as Internet Explorer. The software is relatively moving away from MS habits of creating awful unstable software, it is really faster than its ancestors and offers many goodies, such as tabbed browsing, RSS feeds compatibility, anti-fishing technology, and others. I must admit that I am not a Microsoft fanatic, nor an enemy of every single product that is released by Bill and and his programmers. But it is true that the reality well known to all of us is coming from an operating system, Windows, with so many flaws, that sometimes it drives you crazy!! Waiting for the Vista releases in early December, IE 7 was a positive sample of some progress done by MS developers. Hopefully we will see a better and more stable environment, otherwise I think we are going to ask our selves, "why don't we Ubuntu" ?? So, it is true that for most users, a browser is the software that is active the most of the time, so its stability and quality is a need of an extremely high importance. So, I will never abandon Opera, I think it's the very best browsing software around, but at least, from now on, I have another reliable browser in Windows, Microsoft's IE 7.

Web Site : ClustrMaps plugin
on 21.10.06 (786 reads)
Web Site

After searching the web I found a very interesting plugin, viewed in many web pages so far. Clustrmaps plugin is a really nice counter (you can see it in action right, beneath the counter) that locates the visitor on a world map, according to the IP of the ISP. It is not of a great importance and I actually thought that it would spoil the design of the site, but still I decided to use it. If they could provide a transparent sticker, it would have been much better. This service is absolutely free at this basic "counter-locator" indicator, but you one can still pay a symbolic price for getting some extra features, like zooming. The only problem is that I cannot synchronize it with the built-in counter i use in the website... I would recommend to take a look at their website here, and why not try it on your website. I think that it reminds us that no-one is absolutely anonymous in the internet, a fact that can prevent users from unauthorized use of the services provided by a web site, but also an important limitation of our rights in the digital millennium...

Web Site : Skyping around
on 09.10.06 (773 reads)
Web Site

Look what I have found! A skype status icon... Doh, it surely existed for years now, available for every user to use, but I felt the joy of exploring the service just a few minutes ago! Of course the next step was to integrate it to the web page, without turning the design into a real mess, placing a huge skype icon in the middle of nowhere. So I integrated it at the footer, it looks pretty neat and descent. So by clicking it you can call me directly, and of course according to its color you can see my skype status. Rubbish, I know, but sometimes these little snippets are fascinating!
So, take a look at the footer...

My Notepad : Getting started... and cold!
on 06.10.06 (645 reads)
My Notepad

After completing the last obligation in Greece, taking part in the oath ceremony, the new academic year is really starting for me here in Edinburgh. Next time I am going to speed that cute green Citroen will be in Christmas... The courses here have began for good and hundreds of pages are emerging from the reading lists that are assigned to us. I thought of uploading some guides or relevant documents to this website, but I considered the IP issues that could emerge, so I should first take a permission for it. Anyway, I think that slowly I will be able to write some thoughts down and make a proper use of the sections creating a little blog or something like this. But this will will happen only if I have enough time... The other thing that has really changed since I got back here is the weather. It is getting cold up here, reminding me that the winter is coming and it won't be a "greek" one...

University of Athens : Oath Ceremony ~ June's 2006 Graduates
on 29.09.06 (643 reads)
University of Athens

The oath ceremony for the graduates of June 2006 is going to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, in Athens' University main building. The "show" is going on in the UOA, every year has its own highlights... How can it be possible that students are having exams without having the results of the previous exam period? Really, is there going to be any hope for any improvements in this university? No one doubts the university's academic quality, but shouldn't be more things to be proud of? So, heading back home for a while, after spending 22 days here in Edinburgh...

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