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My Notepad : Turning back time: June 2002
on 13.06.07 (832 reads)
My Notepad

Almost five years have passed, since the first ever "gsake homepage" site was online. Using a free service provided by the ISP, a five megabytes space with FTP access and only limited capabilities grammo and GSake designed and developed their first online space in Greek. MS Frontpage and Paintbrush were used for this cute design that would load fast even under a 56K dialup connection. Divided into six sections, it contained a full editorial and a latest news module at homepage, an articles section, a calendar-like section for upcoming events, an MS Access based free forum (not integrated into the site's design), a Java IrCQ chat client (!) and a web links list. All content was static, built in HTML code page by page and every single change meant that the user (me) had to tweak all pages (nice)... It was just a week before the site's uploading when the the Academic Staff's Association representatives of the University of Athens announced that all exams would be postponed, since they were going on continuous strike. It was just the beginning of World Cup 2002, and we pretended to be "alternative reporters" with grammo, commenting every single game and doing a daily presentation of our own! The site "died" before the semifinals, in the middle of the summer there were more "real" things for 20 and 19 years old students to chase... Browsing through my old files today I bumped onto the last archived update of the homepage: 15.06.2002, 02:00 am...

Web Site : News or Blog? Both!
on 11.06.07 (747 reads)
Web Site

Following the "wind of change" I thought that the "News" title for this section was too formal, closer to a news portal than a personal site. On the other hand, I don't think that typical blogging is what this section represents, it tends to be different than a typical blog. Thinking of combining these two categories, Guardian Unlimited provided the best solution: News with less formal style, approaching a blog-like model: News Blog! It is funny how internet and its new "tools" have added strange words to our vocabulary. Even today, most spelling software utilities that accompany document writers do not recognize "blog" as a correct word...

InfoSoc & Law : FOSS Debate & Workshop
on 10.06.07 (647 reads)
InfoSoc & Law

On Firday 15th June 2007 the Free and Open Software Community of the National Technichal University of Athens is organising a daily debate - workshop about free and open software at the library ground floor auditorium. The legal debate will focus on the role of free and open software in the information society and on the legal problems that emerge through licensing and patents. Various workshops will be carried out about how to implement free and open software in a professional or educational environment. All presentations seem to be very interesting and it is the first time that the students' FOSS community is organizing such a large-scale event. It is a great pleasure for me to contribute to this event, even from tsousands of miles away... More information is availabe at their wiki.

Web Site : New look, new slogan
on 10.06.07 (834 reads)
Web Site

The site's design has been updated after eleven months. I would call this a record! The previous design was totally custom, written in simple HTML and CSS. It mostly used a combination of borders and CSS functions, in order to achieve the best loading result. After sever updates of the hosting server, speeds were really improved, so there was no need for a "lite" version of design. Apart from that, a more "blog like" and "eye-candy" design was needed, just to give a more attractive character to the site. After all, updating the design makes the web site less boring! Apart from the graphics some other functional changes were made, anything that could improve the navigation in this page. The selected theme is originally designed by BCOOL, and tweaked in the appropriate way using Notepad for coding and COREL for graphics. The really well written code by its initial developer made it extremely easy to modify and customize. Apart from this, the site has also a new description slogan and a new main logo. In the web site's section there is more information provided about the new concept. Hope you like it!

Sport : Euroleague Final Four 2007
on 14.05.07 (678 reads)

Athens was warm as usual, temperatures reached 35C, sky was blue and the sea was waiting for a quick swim! These nine days were a nice break from the cold, rainy and mostly gray Edinburgh. I might love this city, but nothing's like home! First news-entry will be about sport. I was one of the lucky guys who found themselves inside the Athens Olympic Indoor Hall (OAKA), where the Euroleague Basketball Final took place. The “Champions League” for basketball had Greek color this year. Panathinaikos B.C. Athens took the chance and beat CSKA Moscow in the final, 93 to 91. Panathinaikos was by far the best team in this final four, played fantastic basketball and proved the outstanding quality of work that has been done during the latest years from this exceptional head-coach, Z.Obradovic. There are no words to describe the feelings and the enthusiasm of the crowd. An hour after the end of the game all spectators were still inside the hall, trying to keep these moments forever, having a never ending party. Images speak much better that words, but unfortunately the author here wishes to pay all respect to intellectual property rights, so there will be no pictures published. Euroleague˘s official website hosts a content-rich gallery, which is worthy taking a look at. We all thank this exceptional team, these top class players for the moments they offered us. After winning the Greek Cup and Euroleague, now they are heading for the absolute record, the treble, if they manage to win the Greek Championship as well, which has already entered the play-offs stage. I personally thank you guys for the joy you gave me!

My Notepad : Sports and Rules
on 24.04.07 (688 reads)
My Notepad

It is well known to all that have any relation to sport that rules are one of the most important parts of a game. A game is made by rules and needs an opponent to play against to; so the rules and the opponent are the two most respectable elements of a game. If you disrespect them, there is no way to win! If you are worse than your opponent, this is at some point acceptable. But what happens, if disrespect of rules costs you the whole game, while you˘re winning? Are rules absolute? For example, in athletics, when you are competing with a relay team, you now that if you fail to change the relay within the yellow marks on the track, your team is disqualified; there is no “less” or “more” of crossing or stepping on the yellow mark. You comply with the rule, or you don˘t. Let˘s go to football now. We all know that touching the ball with arms is not allowed. It is a foul, and it might cause a yellow or even red card. But there are some “vis absoluta” instances, where touching the ball with arms is tolerated since it could not be avoided or it was done reluctantly, by accident. In other words, it is upon the referee. Imagine now that the opponent is time, and one of the rules of the game is a deadline! Hmmm, Did I forget to mention, that I was not a footballer but a track and field athlete while I was at school? But as it seems, football was my true love… For many reasons! Btw: promise NOT kept! As always, G!

My Notepad : Classes are over...
on 21.03.07 (684 reads)
My Notepad

One could hardly say that the second semester is over. Indeed it is, leaving us nothing but the final essays, which means lots of work to do. It is still cold here in Edinburgh, but I am definitely having a good time. Races were really good at the end of February, could not believe into my own eyes that after 6 years of doing nothing I would get another gold medal. It was really fun, enjoyed it for sure... Looking down there to good old Athens, I get so outraged with what is happening! No limits, no nothing. Seems that the future cannot be predicted for the greek universities. There are more fundamental issues to deal with, like the fact that there are people who think they can by themselves postpone the enforcement of law... Interesting opinion, I still think we have a constitution, and I am waiting to see how far these people are going to challenge the government and the public opinion - or the public order, to be more precise. Anyway, at the end, "it doesn't even matter" as Linkin Park sing! Apart from these "exceptional" facts I see my team winning the key matches and loosing everything else, really disappointed with them as well. What is wrong with you people? Think I should forget the faculty of law in Athens' center, Panathinaikos and their "achievements" and enter the beautiful world of essays and work. Well, I still enjoy these parties on weekends, but time... Here we go again, had I mentioned something about time after Xmas? Did I forget to mention that Easter is coming? LOL!

My Notepad : The -5 night...
on 07.02.07 (1050 reads)
My Notepad

Last training in Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh was kind of painful. It wasn't only the fact that I had to train more than 3 months, but the temperature... I could hardly feel my legs and was afraid of getting injured, but still it was a fine training session. Going back to my warm flat was the best "medicine", but later during the night I realized why it was so hard to train... The internet weather widget indicated -5C in Edinburgh centre! Weather forecast mentions snow within the next few days and it will be welcomed with joy! Apart from these, some sport events are closing, nice opportunity to have some fun and remember good old times... Turning to unviversity's issues, the second semester is already under way, well, reaching its mid-term, and I have harldy felt that...

University of Athens : UOA: Ground Zero
on 20.01.07 (685 reads)
University of Athens

Winter 2006-2007, but smells like summer in Greece. And I am not referring to the temperatures, but to the greek universities. The new legal framework which is proposed by the government will modify the "traditional" higher education profile of the country and make Greece compatible with the european standards, meaning evaluation procedures, european point system recognition, allowance of private institutions founding and many more important and fundamental changes to what shapes the today status quo in greek universities. Of course the new legal framework will "damage" the "empire" of political parties in the universities, will create a tougher educational system and will indirectly expose the nudity of greek public universities which lack basic infrastructure and sometimes even academic standards. This brave step taken by the government could not be left unanswered by the left-wing parties and especially the extremists left-wing students who found the perfect alibi to declare their existence and impose disorder within most higher education institutions. Most departments are under or will be under occupation by sad minorities, that use violence and other "innovative" means to achieve their political goals, in order to destabilize the social status quo and make government take back the new legislation.

These "new era" fighters, kids lost between the sui generis principles of communism, anarchism and extreme socialism are living their own revolutionary moments, trying to write their own part of history. Of course, nothing of what they wish to achieve now with occupying the universities will happen. The new legal framework will be put on voting in the greek parliament and will pass, the universities will slowly become institutions of knowledge and research as they should be in the first place, and their extremistic political nests will vanish. The last one scares the political leaders of the left-wing parties the most, so they try to keep "the flame" alive for as long as they can... Till this fight comes to an end, most of the members of the (healthy) academic community will be forced to abolish their right to teach and be taught. Pity things have to go this way, but there is no other path, not in this very moment, not in this society that easily accepts everything except rules...

My Notepad : Oh, those last 100m...
on 14.01.07 (639 reads)
My Notepad

Giving my best during the last 100m and shocking my rivals was the best way of dealing with 4x400 relay races when I used to racing for my schools' athletics club. Since these times I kept believing that the most important thing is pushing myself during the last 100m, meaning during the last periods before of any important challenge. What I haven't learned so far, is that this analogy only counts when the gap from your rival (usually time in university) is not so impressive. When you are really left behind, you have 2 options: Whether to give up the race and go home, or to keep fighting and trying to overcome your limits. The last solution seems to be the better but most difficult one. Last time I tried this model, it was so difficult, that I will change my strategy as a whole: leave your rival behind from the beginning and just stop playing this silly game of "how fast can I be at the end"... Closing this little personal note, being so "full" from this great German, ehm, Austrian dinner I had tonight, I must give credit to my excellent fellows from the LLM team. Well done boys n' girls... Second semester is starting and I hope that I will keep this promise to myself... By the way, happy new year...

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