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Web Site : Bulding online again!
on 19.02.10 (926 reads)
Web Site

After deciding not to upgrade the cms behind this site to its latest version (lots of effort will be required for such a project), I found a nice challenge in order to start some online activity again. This time I chose a different cms, opensource, but much more simple and customizable. I wanted something totally foreign to "box driven" templates, something that would give me the freedom to play with the template without calculating spaces in columns.

Purchasing a nice and professional template, altering its html and css code, plus writing some code for the content (not complicated at all, static the most) gave me a nice result, a decent and good looking (or so I think) web site.

I haven't built another personal site; it was our Law Office's site this time... consists of static and semi-dynamic pages, delivers to the user an easy to browse environment and mostly differs from the most law offices' web sites. No pictures of hammers and endless bookshelves included... It will turn into multilingual in the future, only in Greek for the moment.

Regarding to my daily routine, nothing special to report; satisfied and happy.

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Chania, near Souda port (2015/10/20)
Chania, near Souda port
Between Zante and Kyllini (2015/10/20)
Between Zante and Kyllini
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia