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Almost half a year has passed since my last post here. I am not sure if it is work to blame for, or just my laziness. Summer was really nice, got a nice “set” of vacations and recharged my batteries for good! What makes me feel better (at least for the last three months) regarding my “abandoned” web site is that I have been spending most of my time away from my office, away from home and definitely away from my laptop.

Doing my military service has proven to be a nice experience, but a great setback regarding work as well. Being an “airman” is not that bad, and definitely better than a typical “soldier”. After finishing the basic military training and the so called “specialty's training” in Tripolis I found my self doing paperwork again at Hellenic National Defense General Staff in Athens. I am quite sure that paperwork includes guarding the facilities as well, but this is nothing new nor scary to me, had enough and I am always ready for more...

Without being in the mood to drop more lines I can tell that there is nothing to complain about my post-student life so far; wish there was some more free time to feed this space, after dealing with my last boring obligation (military service) I will be able to sort my life the way I want; or at least, the way I can... In the meantime I can always enhance the image bank...

ps: Despite all these, I did find time to repair my laptop (good old FSC M3438GV), setup a dual boot system wearing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and Windows XP SP3 (Vista should be officially banned!!). Oh, I also found a new toy now, a PNA GPS device, wearing Windows CE 4.1. Funny how easily it can be tweaked... So, it is obvious that I had no time dropping lines here!

He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.
Chania, near Souda port (2015/10/20)
Chania, near Souda port
Between Zante and Kyllini (2015/10/20)
Between Zante and Kyllini
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia