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My Notepad : Recollections
on 20.10.15 (247 reads)
My Notepad

Having offline for almost 2 years, suddenly, out of nothing, I decided to bring it back to life... Everything is still here, runs smoothly, in its perfect old code and technologies. Once state-of-the-art, now out of bounds, out of social media interaction, Web2.0, "Internet of Things", but yet so smooth and well built for an open source platform. I can hardly tell I would believe in 2002, when I published anything online for the first time, or even in 2006, when I started, that I would feel like dropping a line again.

Years have passed, some of us got married, some of us have children, funny to throw back time in just a few pages in here... I can hardly tell that I' ll start posting frequently again, although I have always been keen to. At the very end, I feel closer to the process of building the website as such than filling it in with content. [weirdo!]

After all, I dont feel like updating the cms sofware, I love this retro 10 years old fellow, so many years lying in the server, not a single flaw... No need for any "like" buttons or so, we do have numerous of social media for this kind of toys... So why not starting a new image bank category ?? Cheers!!

Athens College : ACAA Elections '15
on 20.10.15 (436 reads)
Athens College

Athens College : ACAA Elections '13
on 16.10.13 (693 reads)
Athens College

Web Site : Bulding online again!
on 19.02.10 (926 reads)
Web Site

After deciding not to upgrade the cms behind this site to its latest version (lots of effort will be required for such a project), I found a nice challenge in order to start some online activity again. This time I chose a different cms, opensource, but much more simple and customizable. I wanted something totally foreign to "box driven" templates, something that would give me the freedom to play with the template without calculating spaces in columns.

Purchasing a nice and professional template, altering its html and css code, plus writing some code for the content (not complicated at all, static the most) gave me a nice result, a decent and good looking (or so I think) web site.

I haven't built another personal site; it was our Law Office's site this time... consists of static and semi-dynamic pages, delivers to the user an easy to browse environment and mostly differs from the most law offices' web sites. No pictures of hammers and endless bookshelves included... It will turn into multilingual in the future, only in Greek for the moment.

Regarding to my daily routine, nothing special to report; satisfied and happy.

My Notepad : Xmas. Again. That's good then!!
on 21.12.09 (1384 reads)

Christmas is closing up again, moving from 2009 to 2010. I cannot say that I have gone deep into the Christmas mood, no idea if work is to blame for that or my own self; I would bet on the second explanation... Too many “chapters” opened this year, these last months to be more accurate, and brought to me too many duties, all of them pressing and obligatory, one way or another. Spending twelve months serving my military service, I went through lots of experiences, each one of them flagged as “useful for the future”, in its own special way. So no doubt 2009 was the year of my military service. Wasted or not, it was a year that I would always remember for its very special memories, good or bad, all of them valuable guides for the future.

No matter how intensively I am avoiding to admit the obvious, Christmas has affected my mood, has made me happier, creating a weird feeling of an unknown expectation in me. If we try to see this from another aspect, I feel more lazy, less productive and ready to spend money and time on less or completely unimportant things.

The truth is that I have lots of work to do, at office and at my School's Alumni Association, Panathinaikos is leading for the very first time after six years the Greek soccer championship and I have my very own Christmas tree. So, I guess, we can pass to 2010 then.

ps: There is no reason I stopped commenting here the daily news. I just realized that if one would read such a news-blog, would find it completely same and recurring. Is that another symptom of living in Greece or not?

Web Site : A few bugs...
on 25.10.09 (1703 reads)
Web Site

Well, it seems like this whole year of not upgrading the scripts of this website had its costs... The RSS and weather feeds wont display anymore, since there has been a problem in fetching xml files and storing the related information into the database. Unfortunately, even when I tried to change the php function that the system uses to some alternatives, I got the same errors. Seems like I have to backup everything and try a master upgrade or a clean install of the new core. But since this is too risky to carry out, I will stick to the current version...

Athens College : ACAA Elections '09
on 01.10.09 (1631 reads)
Athens College

Well, it is time for elections! Never hid my enthusiasm about my school and its educational model; maybe it is not something out of reality for US or Canada, or even UK, but comparing to the Greek standards what the Hellenic American Educational Foundation has achieved is fantastic. Having a very strong and active alumni association, I could not resist to join their team and start helping with the athletics team. After some years of inactivity I was granted the right to run the administrative part of the Athletics team (where I belonged as a student), something that really gave a high motive to me to continue being active in the ACAA, known as "SAKA" in Greek. Now it's elections time and it was proposed to me to stand as candidate for the administrative board of the association; and so I accepted! Another interesting challenge there, but still, no matter the result, there is so much to do with the athletics team...

PS: An Alumni Track&Field event is coming soon in November! Still racing there...

My Notepad : Back in Action
on 01.10.09 (1726 reads)
My Notepad

I hardly felt how this year went by. Since the 2nd September 2008, when I joined the forces of Hellenic Air Force, more than 12 months have passed. It had been a good year, I was taught lots of things, had some unique experiences, met lots of people. The fact that no internet line was allowed in my office (preliminary examination's office) due to security reasons, was very disappointing, since I could have used lots of time in order to improve and update this site. Still searching through it I remember my choice to create a multi content web site with technical information as well, so that other creators that are not web designers or pros would get some help to build their own. It wasn't a bad choice, although the content available right now in the relevant section is outdated, although functional.

Back in my office I am trying to catch up the tempo of real life and get my self to work for real. The fact that I have already applied for a PhD (on which I am starting to work soon) gives me a reason to continue supporting the site. It is definitely the most "well built" website I had ever set up; this is why there are no plans for changing the design here; I should update the core software though, since I am still running version 2.0.15.

This news blog entry is more of a brainstorm than a solid post referring to a subject or idea... Oh, forgot to mention, went back to Edinburgh for a while, from March 24th to April 2nd, for a Conference. Still beautiful, mysterious, spooky, special, unique; never bored to walk down the royal mile and enter the "Woolen Mill" store, next to Hunter Square...

I will continue post in English, although some papers are in Greek; I am planning to use this site for posting some research material and any publications under (CC) licenses. And of course I will start again posting my thoughts, pictures from great places I've been, just for the fun of it! Next online project is a Law Office's site! So, welcome back G...

My Notepad : Military Service mode: ON
on 10.11.08 (1710 reads)
My Notepad

Almost half a year has passed since my last post here. I am not sure if it is work to blame for, or just my laziness. Summer was really nice, got a nice “set” of vacations and recharged my batteries for good! What makes me feel better (at least for the last three months) regarding my “abandoned” web site is that I have been spending most of my time away from my office, away from home and definitely away from my laptop.

Doing my military service has proven to be a nice experience, but a great setback regarding work as well. Being an “airman” is not that bad, and definitely better than a typical “soldier”. After finishing the basic military training and the so called “specialty's training” in Tripolis I found my self doing paperwork again at Hellenic National Defense General Staff in Athens. I am quite sure that paperwork includes guarding the facilities as well, but this is nothing new nor scary to me, had enough and I am always ready for more...

Without being in the mood to drop more lines I can tell that there is nothing to complain about my post-student life so far; wish there was some more free time to feed this space, after dealing with my last boring obligation (military service) I will be able to sort my life the way I want; or at least, the way I can... In the meantime I can always enhance the image bank...

ps: Despite all these, I did find time to repair my laptop (good old FSC M3438GV), setup a dual boot system wearing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and Windows XP SP3 (Vista should be officially banned!!). Oh, I also found a new toy now, a PNA GPS device, wearing Windows CE 4.1. Funny how easily it can be tweaked... So, it is obvious that I had no time dropping lines here!

My Notepad : Summer ante portas!
on 23.05.08 (1999 reads)
My Notepad

Sitting at my office I realized that once again this little "repository of ideas" hasn't offer any new content to its "restricted audience" for quite a long period of time. Can't say that there is not much to tell, to discuss, to actually "share" online. But to be honest, when one is no more a typical student, there is little time to spend for a personal web site. Being almost a normal lawyer and a PhD candidate can be classified to the top of my personal "changelog". Hate to say that, but I still miss Edinburgh... I miss the 10ish coffee at NERO, in between the IP lectures on Friday, the cookies at 4 o'clock during Burkhard's lecture and definitely Andre's laptop with that huge (CC) sticker on it. Cannot deny that I would love to stay there, be in the closest touch with my field, "Technology & Law", BUT cannot deny that there are other pretty little things here in Athens that renumerate me for my "losses"; these are too silly or too personal to chat about.

Leaving behind the Athens' Bar Association exams, I have a whole summer to work, have some fun and finally prepare my self for another adventure, the military service! People say that this period is a man's last excuse for “being lazy”, or more politely, “decide what one's gonna do with his life”; I am quite sure that neither 's going to work for me, so it is just going to be “the military service among other duties”. Well, like I mentioned before, there is still a whole summer to go through...

One of the future plans for this site has to do with the creation of a section relevant to tourism and brief descriptions of rad trips. As a prologue, I provide only some pictures from the beautiful artificial Plastira Lake; brief “guide” of the trip will follow... Cheers!

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By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.
Chania, near Souda port (2015/10/20)
Chania, near Souda port
Between Zante and Kyllini (2015/10/20)
Between Zante and Kyllini
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia
Taygetus, Lakonia (2015/10/20)
Taygetus, Lakonia